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12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMDelicious Cakes is exactly that! We received tons of compliments about our cake both how beautiful it was and how great the cake tasted. Great customer service by the staff. I will definitely be going back for birthdays and other occasions!

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMMy wedding cake was beautiful!! They took my ideas and created it on point! My cake was red velvet and boy was it good!!! Super moist and delicious!!!! They also did a fantastic job on the grooms cake! Very nice and helpful people! Definitely recommend!

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMI was familiar with Delicious Cakes before choosing them for my wedding, having used them for birthday cakes at work. So I knew how awesome their cakes are. The price for the wedding and groom’s cake was very reasonable, the cakes were beautiful and they were “delicious”. Once we cut them, made a circle around the room, and came back for cake, all that was left were crumbs. Thank goodness our caterers made us to-go boxes or we wouldn’t have had anything but the piece we tasted when cutting!

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMThe minute we tasted their cakes we knew they were the ones we needed for our wedding! The cakes were delicious, beautiful, and affordable!

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMWe were extremely pleased with both the bride and grooms cakes. The consultant, Stephanie, handled the design and captured our daughter’s vision perfectly. The flavors were awesome.

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMDelicious Cakes LIVES UP TO THEIR NAME!!!! They made my cake EXACTLY to my specification. Not only was the art work jaw dropping and elegant, but the cake was delicious. It was super moist and stayed that way. We took a good amount with us on our honeymoon and even traveling for 10 hours and a week at the beach, it stayed moist and delicious. I will continue to use Delicious Cakes for all of our special moments and events. Do yourself a favor, hire them for your wedding!! You will not be disappointed. All of your guests will be talking about how much they ENJOYED the cake.

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMDelicious Cakes is wonderful! I knew exactly what I wanted and they made my wedding cake beautifully. I love looking at the pictures and was pleased that they put a photo of it on their facebook page. I highly recommend this to anyone and I’ll definitely be going back to get a small cake!


12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMThey made my cake and my husband’s cake exactly how we wanted and I was so elated to have chosen them for this special event.

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMStephanie, who worked with me, was so awesome and professional. She was very patient and kind! The experience was so great. I re-ordered a smaller version of the groom’s cake, weeks later for the Apostle who did not get a chance to taste this awesome cake….

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMWe thank you for everything.

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMOur Three layer wedding cake (w/ columns) was perfect! I dropped off a copy of our invitation and they executed beautifully! One of my favorite parts of the process was the cake tasting and we tried nearly everything! The service was great, delivery was on time and our consultation was quick, easy and delicious!

12-19-2013 9-58-52 AMWhen you are planning a wedding, you are under a lot of stress. All you want is to find vendors that make your life easier, Delicious Cakes was one of those vendors.
The cake was delicious, the service was extraordinary, the price was just right and the design was exactly what I wanted. What else can you ask for?

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